Me and my boy

Dear friend – welcome to my blog! On a journey to find myself, this is about real life, love, separation, divorce, sexuality, careers, motherhood, aloneness, confusion, spirituality, finding God, losing the parameters, safety, strength, and finding the sacred, the loving and the joy through a lense or gratitude, a bucket of hope and a sprinkle of laughter.

Hi – I’m Adele.  A mother of five amazing  almost grown children, I love travel,  reading, nature, photography, beautiful flowers,  good friendships, movies, writing, animals, and of course – coffee – my cherished pal.

I like to keep life real, I stuff up, I make mistakes, I cry, I laugh at inappropriate times, I give, I love and I dream.  I embrace the journey I am on, and hope you will come along for the ride with your thoughts, stories and love of life.