An Orchestra of Sound

The roar of cheers in a stadium, to the shrill scream of fear, the deep manly husk, to the carefree belly laugh.  We are surrounded by noise, and stunned by silence.  An orchestra of sound clangs in our waking ears and whispers in our sleeping moments. We are always searching for more.  Something new.  Something better.  Something to replace the old with … Continue reading An Orchestra of Sound

A Love Like No Other

Take me away with you, Take me away on a journey, Just the two of us. Forget the world, forget our lives, Just for a short time of freedom. I want three nights, three nights of love, Three nights to feel your arms around me To touch you, to feel your kisses on my lips, … Continue reading A Love Like No Other

Goodbye Mary Street.

The autumn leaves fall gently to the ground… The beauty gone, the branches raw and bare. Stripped back, empty, forlorn. To the naked eye it holds little appeal, & just the same……. The rooms are barren and bare. The door shuts. One final time. The walls that hold 44 yrs of memories, now silent and … Continue reading Goodbye Mary Street.

The Silent Scream

Her eyes looked straight ahead Dark, hard, unseeing The thought of breathing… a threat To her secret dam of pain She blinks as she feels it The darkness within Rising like a captive seeking light Moving up her body til its cutting off her air Like a gag in her throat Desperate for release from … Continue reading The Silent Scream

Post Dump

So much of the work I have done on myself and for myself over the past three years has been about bringing who I am together. After years of compartmentalising my life, fracturing myself to live up to expectations of those around me, I have been pulling my life together. One life, one me. As … Continue reading Post Dump

The Pendulum of Time

I just came across this. I wrote it in Sept 2020. Its good advice. I took my time. I didn’t hurry the process. I’m pleased I didn’t. Disentanglement takes time. The answers did come. My life today is much more than I could have dreamed of or imagined. There is nothing magical about it, yet … Continue reading The Pendulum of Time

When The Hammer Falls

It’s been one of those moments, one of those weeks. I have to write it down. On May 16th the hammer fell. I wasn’t there to hear it, but I can picture it. As the judges gavel banged down, it was finished. It was over. 25 years of marriage, 2 years, 2 months of separation, … Continue reading When The Hammer Falls

Roadblocks and Obstacles

What is standing in my way right now to becoming the authentic me? Not just the authentic me, but the me I dream of being. Who even is that person? What does she look like, sound like, feel like? There are many things I could write in here. I could say its my life, I’m … Continue reading Roadblocks and Obstacles

New Year, New Opportunity

Way back (feels like forever ago) in 2019, I remember thinking about all the firsts and lasts that were happening. If I knew that at the end of 2021 I was still in the same house I’m not sure I would have coped. Its a good thing we don’t know the future. Yes, we might … Continue reading New Year, New Opportunity


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