For You

At every turn I pray tenderness floods your soul, beauty captures your heart and wonder saturates your mind. Imagine a world where we strive for our souls to be filled instead of our houses. Imagine a world where our hearts overflow instead of our credit card. Imagine a world where our eyes are full of … Continue reading For You

When I do became I don’t…

(Note: This was written from 35,000 feet back in March this year. Still relevant although much has also changed.) I’m sitting here in the shadow of leaving my husband and I’m asking myself … when did ‘I do’ become ‘I don’t’? What was the catalyst for the change? What happened to make me suddenly say … Continue reading When I do became I don’t…


Healing can be a painful process. Sometimes you cut deep. Sometimes you are surprised by the truth you find when you search for it. Healing means being brave enough to feel the emotions and strong enough to allow yourself time to process them. Healing doesn’t happen overnight. It is a journey. It’s ok to not … Continue reading Healing

Dear Christian Friend…

I value you, or I wouldn’t have shared my story with you. I love you because of your beautiful heart and love for God. I treasure you because you make me feel known by you. Or you did. Until now. Until I told you I left my husband. I shared my story, I poured out … Continue reading Dear Christian Friend…

In The Silence

Who are you in the silence? When Gods whisper has stilled And his presence is void Who are you when the world is not watching? When it’s you, just you No demands, no pull Who are you when you look in the mirror? When tenderness tints your lense and love covers your embrace Who are … Continue reading In The Silence

Rainy Days

Rainy days, Made for love For fires, books and cups of tea Rainy days Washing the earth Tears of the sky bringing life to barren ground Rainy eyes Cleaning our hearts So love once lost, can again be found

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